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I built my first recumbent bike - yes it's a python. Reading the
mailinglist for some years I finaly built one of my own. Thank you all
for sharing your experience and ideas even for those "only readers".
For me it's the first time trying to ride a recumbent (I'm allready able
to ride 10 m without hand support - sometimes ;) ). So I choosed the low
input version and built the python from 2 old bikes. The rear wheel with
the former front fork could be assembled. As you can see on the
pictures, I still have some work to too (brakes, gear shifting, cut the
chain, painting).
I'm very happy with my work and looking forward to ride on puplic roads
(hopefully next summer). But for now I have to be patient because the
bike is on my parents home.

Some construction details:
        Pivot Angly 65°
        Seat Height 30cm
        BB-Seat Difference 27cm
        Ground Clearance 9cm
I forgot meassuring the weight, but it's not so lightly.

Thank you again,
Simon from Austria (Schladming and Vienna)
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