[pure-silver] Weird Film Issue - Part II

  • From: Adrienne Moumin <photowonder2010@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Pure Silver <pure-silver@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 8 May 2012 16:01:20 -0400

I am overwhelmed w/all the help and insights from so many of you, I had a heart 
full of gratitude while I was attempting to de-film the film today!  
(Unfortunately, that wasn't enough to overcome the weird physics of whatever is 
at work in this situation!)
Taking into account all the suggestions, I ran the 3-roll Paterson tank (not 
Jobo - senior moment there!) thru a 5-minute stop bath (w/agitation the first 
30 sec, then 5 out of each successive 30 sec), followed by a 7-minute water 
wash, followed by a 2-minute-full-agitation in distilled water, then a 1-minute 
full-agitation in a 2L distilled - 2oz. 70% isopropyl - 3/4 capful Photoflo mix.
I very gently "finger-squeegeed" 2 of the 3 rolls because I saw all the 
Photoflo bubbles sitting on the film's surface (despite my best efforts to hand 
and blow-siphon them off in the tank); the 3rd I left alone as a control of 
To my relief, the small string of beaded dried chemistry is gone, but the 
"film: is still there - albeit in new patterns, which gives me hope that there 
IS a solution, which I just haven't hit on yet.
Back to CVS for another gallon of distilled, I will try again tomorrow with 
plain distilled, unless anyone has a different idea?
Thank you, my friends and fellow photographers-in-crime, this would be a mighty 
lonely and frustrating time if not for all of you!

Adrienne Moumin
Handmade B&W photographs and photo-collages: www.picturexhibit.com

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