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  • Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2004 16:25:01 +1200

I once had a go at something similar.  What I used at the camera end was a
short extension tube.  For a bellows I made a kind of bag bellows out of
the heavy black plastic that some paper comes in (Ilford I think).  I cut
the bag to square (about 6" square from memory) then folded over and sealed
with tape the two open edges.  Then I carefully cut a circle through both
layers of bag, the same size as the hole in the front of my slr.  I put the
extension tube inside the bag and then attached it to the camera, trapping
it against the lens mount.  I had a go at mounting a lens onto the front of
the bag similarly for a funky macro type thingy.  I also had a go with a
cheap magnifying glass taped onto the front of the bag.  I didn't manage to
take any notable photos with it, but it was fun to look through for a

All this talk is inspiring me to have another go.  The
supportive-but-flexible approach of the lensbaby bellows might be
approximated with a short length of innertube (mountain bike or motorbike?)
stretched over that short extension tube.


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