[pskmail] server and desktop PSK

  • From: karel Fassotte <karel.fassotte@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2010 14:24:51 -0500

Hello all, I have been experimenting a lot with puppypskmail live CD and HD
All now works reasonably well, but I have had some serious problems.
Although the pc I use for the experiments complies with specifications,
processor speed (1.7Ghz.) and Ram (1.3GB) the pc froze as soon as I tried to
configure FLDGI. I started to dismantle the machine. It had a video card
installed and as soon as I took out this card puppy stabilized. I also had
some problems installing the puppy live pskmail to HD. If something goes
wrong saving the puppy safe file, it is difficult to get rid of the files
puppy installes to the HD. I needed Knoppix to delete the files safed in the
HD. It is not very wise to let puppy use the part of a windows system
partition i found out the hard way. Windows crashed afterwards, so I had to
remove with care all safed puppy files form the HD. Finaly It worked ok.
Conclusions using live Cd's. I think its not a very good solution if you
want to use PSKmail as a server to use puppy pskmail server.
I now am installing Ubuntu to see it this renders a stable solution for the

By the way, can somebody explain how to check the server without having 2
PC's, a client and the server. How can I see what the server is doing?

I'am very glad with the effort being made by others, to obtain a really nice
communication, messaging system. The way Rein painted the future of the
system is intelligent. If the system could work with different waveforms for
different situations and propagation conditions, also have a sort of ALE,
evaluating the propagation that would be realy neat.

I hope te get a server into place over the next weeks. I dont have many
resources and I am working completly alone overhere in Ecuador, so no one to
test with. It seems nobody in Latin america is doing digital, all there is
is some RTTY and voice chat.


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