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  • From: "David Vrona" <dave@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2007 17:37:52 -0400

How did the screwdriver work on the boat?

I want to mount mine to a fiberglass radar arch and use wires cut to various
lengths as the counterpoise.  I am planning to sort of "stuff" the wires
into the radar arch.  I was thinking one or two wires for each of the bands
I want to cover.


On 4/15/07, Bill - N8ET <n8et@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

We have a Beneteau 361 that we sail in the Great Lakes.  The past two
years in the North Channel of Lake Huron.  This year we will go around
Superior.  As soon as I get ready for Dayton I'll be jumping back in to
PSKmail in a big way so we can use it on the trip this summer.

The rig is an FT-857D with the FC40 tuner. The antenna will be a 33' wire
from the stern towards the top of the mast.  I will also have a MP-1
screwdrive antenna and the YP-2 portable 2 ele yagi (6 - 20m) along for
few times The boat hold still enough in the evening to put it up  ;>)

73 - Bill - N8ET
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