[pskmail] Re: New server release supporting client 1.0 functions

  • From: Pär Crusefalk <per@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2008 03:11:32 +0200

Great stuff Rein,

I'm in VK2 at the moment so the server at home won't be upgraded for a
week I'm afraid. I like the idea of that GETCAMP command, perhaps we
could extend that to a GETHARBOUR command or whatever is near,

Also, good that the central user repository is now gone. The upload
methos is good enough.

73 de Per (VK2/SM0RWO)

On mån, 2008-08-18 at 20:26 +0200, Rein Couperus wrote:
> Hi folks...
> I have uploaded server version pskmail_server-0.7.14 to the download sites.
> This server supports all the new functions of Client 1.0:
> ~GETNEAR (lists most APRS stations near your location)
> ~GETTIDESTN (lists nearest reference stations for tide tables)
> ~GETTIDE #### (lists tide table with nr. ####)
> ~GETSERVERS (lists server frequencies from the wiki)
> ~GETNEWS (shows wiki NEWS page)
> ~GETCAMP (lists nearest RV camp sites (only EU))
> Another new function is Bulletin Broadcast:
> The server will send and delete any file named 
> ".pskmail/pskdownloads/Bulletin".
> You can set a crontab to copy e.g. gmdss warnings to this file 
> and the server will send it (don't do this on the general APRS frequency 
> though...).
> Changes to the install file:
> * crapmail.txt is now copied to the .pskmail directory
> * the users database (.pskmail/rflinkusers/rflink_users.db) is kept when 
> you install a new version
> Starting version 0.7.14 the user database location has been moved to 
> ~/.pskmail/rflinkusers/rflink_users.db
> You should COPY the user base to this location before ibstalling 0.7.14.
> "cp ~/rflinkusers/rflink_users.db ~/.pskmail/rflinkusers/rflink_users.db"
> You can then install the new version with sudo ./install.sh
> CHANGE TO pskmailrc.pl:
> $dbaddress = "";
> $dbpass = ";
> $dbfile = "$ENV{HOME}/.pskmail/rflinkusers/rflink_users.db"; # users database
> This version does not check the central user database anyore. 
> In practical use the Server Update has shown to be an adequate 
> way to tell the server(s) where to get the mail. Herewith the system 
> has become more decentralized, and is not depending on a central 
> resource anymore.
> 73,
> Rein PA0R

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