[prssr-devel-ml] Re: pRSSreader beta : Features requests

  • From: David Andrs <pda@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: prssr-devel-ml@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2005 23:06:13 +0200

It is better to have this in devel-ml, so I'm forwarding this message
to developer's mailing list. Of course with my comments.

On 9/29/05, yololo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <yololo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
> Here is the copy of a copious mail i've sent few days ago... The "bug" part 
> is over (and erased from this mail), but i'd like to make you read (again ?) 
> the "Features" part...
> Beta testing of the 1.1.5 beta 2 is on his way : Good news ! Now the PPc2002 
> version display correctly the colors of the "Tools" "Options" "Appearance" 
> Tab. It was a kind of good and great surprise ! :)

I finally make it, so PPC2002 users will see the messages in the
supposed way. At last!

> Will need to fin Postcasting feeds in French to test the "Enclosures" 
> function...
> Best regards
> YoLoLo
> Feature request : ;) Please ;)
> ===============================
> 1 - Using Prssreader plugin :
> Today, some products (Pocket Breeze in its very nearly future version, or 
> Pocket Plus) can put severals today plugin as tabs. Could be a great thing if 
> feeds were entirely displayed in a new function of the plug-in (well, like 
> pocket rss can do, even without PB integration...)

I see a big problem here. PocketRSS and Pocket Breeze are made by the
same company, so for them the integration is very easy. I have to buy
Pocket Breeze, even I have to buy the SDK, if there is one. I do not
know if the SDK is available for free, but I guess it is not. If so,
the implemetation could be done, but in some future vesion. Version
1.1.5 is to young for this.

It would be great to have integration with PocketBreeze. I know it, I
want it, but I'm sure if this is possible. I'll try to do my best to
support this.

> Here is an example at this url : 
> http://www.happyjackroad.net/pocketpc/pocketRSS/pocketRSS.asp
> However, you app is BETTER (more than better !) compared to this commercial 
> software... I've made a trial : The prss folder is > 1 megabite ! :(
> Of course, to keep multi usage, this should be implemented as a new option... 
> :)

Well, I send a message to prssr-ml before I started implementing today
integration. I wrote about a few solutions for today screen
interagtion, but there was no response from users, so I decided for
the simple one.

What I want form today-screen plugin - to be small, to take a little
of screen. So, I implemented it in such the way. I was thinking about
the tree representation, but I'm not sure it is the best way how to
display it. Maybe some other revolutionary way should be discovered.
Maybe the tree is the best way how to display it. I reallly do not

Anyway there is space for inovations. I do not think, that 1.1.5 will
have the best today-screen integration. But with higer versions it
will be better and better.

> 2 - Surfing on the main program view :
> I've addded folders to make the feeds display more usable. (wow !)
> But, i'm not satisfied with the main view (see capture001), because it's not 
> very fast to surf from 1 folder to another...

I think that the menu is as fast as the tree. Implementing this into
tree is very hard problem. I have some feature request - I personally
called it "summary view". It means that there will be a list of feeds
(not respecting the organisation to folders/groups) with some
additional information about read/total items. Thist could satisfy
your needs.

> I would like to have the surfing display as a tree, like you have done in the 
> connect manager (capture002) : It's fast and usefull to open trees ! (windows 
> illness, i guess ;) )
> My systems settings :
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