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there is a book, by Tanembau "operating systems" is called.
In this book the author start designing a operating system called Minix and explain evry step and different possibilities to do a thing.

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Wait a minute, aren't those architecture documents for the processor chips?
That may tell the reader the specific instructions to access various
features of the chip, but will it really offer any OS design?

The problem with trying to find OS design documents is that this information
will likely be very proprietary.  If the desire is to get some idea of how
an OS might be designed then searching for Unix® or Linux operating system
design documents would be your best bet because those particular operating
systems are supposedly "Open Source" and will therefore be more available.
To this end, I suppose that getting the architecture documents from AMD or
Intel could be helpful in understanding how the OS code has been implemented
to take advantage of the features of the chips.

If, on the other hand, you need the design of a specific OS you may need to
jump through some hoops to get that information from the company that owns
the rights to that particular OS (i.e., Microsoft Vista will probably not be
available to you -- or anybody else for that matter).
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