Re: ms server 2003 system admin

  • From: "mixollagy fm UK" <mixollagyfm@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <programmingblind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2007 16:36:44 -0000

MessageHi ned.
As a blind user of windows server 2003 myself, yes jaws does work with it, 
infact, it's just like xp.
The only slite difference is that you have things like configure your server 
wizard in administrative tools, but it's generally the same.
If you need help, get me off list mixollagyfm@xxxxxxxxxxx, and i would be glad 
to help.
Kind regards: Jamie.
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  Subject: ms server 2003 system admin 

  Hi all,

  Is ms 2003 server fully accessible for a blind person to work on it as a 
system admin? It includes continuous working/ troubleshooting /  OS & other 
software installation / on the stations connected to it as well -- on a daily 
  I would be happy to hear from someone who does that for living. The same 
question I should ask about red hat linux, but I have some experience in debian 
and speakup, and with all its difficulties in access to, let's say, internet 
(which is partial to say the least), kernel compiling (almost inaccessible at 
all other than via typing in y's and n's for answers to more than 500 qs -- 
unless something changed for good in the latest version of speakup), and its 
gui, it is doable.

  Answers very appreciated  in advance!


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