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  • Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2009 23:00:50 +0300

I am using in this moment the php language.
I am working with eclipse ide using pdt environment for it for developing in 
for testing my code I am using both a iis server and a apache server.
For database i've installed a mysql 5.6.
the version of php is 5.2.6.

a best resource for learning is the php manual from
also I can offer you some books on private e-mails about php. 
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  I have a very vast programming background in Microsoft based technologies and 
want to spread out a bit and learn PHP.  Can anyone suggest resources on 
learning it and what tools to install on Windows to create a good environment 
to work with when learning?  I also have a host that I can play with as well.  
Which version of PHP would you suggest, the latest?


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