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It might be more useful to have edsharp check over source code first and put
the press any key to continue prompt out along with a message telling the
programmer they may want to include such a prompt in their source code
somewhere along the way.  All of that might happen if the develop/test
switch in edsharp is toggled over to develop but when develop/test switch is
toggled over to test a press any key to continue prompt would really be

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Hi all,
I am just getting used to edsharp, and I am really digging the editor for
python code creation.
one question, when running console code, just for example a really small
snip it is
x=int(raw_input("input a number: "))
print x
when I hit f5, it'llrun it, but I can't see the result.
can edsharp put a press any key after it runs console applications? just an
oh, one other question, is edsharp open source?

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