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  • From: Varun Khosla <varun.lists@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 18 Jan 2010 11:09:44 +0530

Now varchar(max) can be used for storing large strings of ASCII text
and nvarchar(max) for strings in unicode. text is depricated and may
be removed in future versions. I don't remember exactly in which
version of sql server varchar(max) was introduced, may be in 2005, but
as you said you're using 2008 express, you can use it.

Well, if you are having an error free backup copy of the db, you can
easily restore it. However, this cannot be done by just copying and
pasting the mdf/ndf files, you've to follow the restore procedure
(which is, in my opinion, not at all dificult to perform once you've
learnt it.)

On 1/17/10, Marvin Hunkin <startrekcafe@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> hi.
> if any one is sighted.
> or even blind, and uses jaws, maybe they could do a jaws tandem session.
> i am in australia.
> well developing a star trek application in visual web developer and sql
> server management studio 2008 express.
> now, wanted to expand the overview text box to over 10,000 characters and
> had it set to 8000 and then got a truncated string error.
> now tried detatching my sql database from sql management studio.
> but eventually would not detatch.
> so took it off line.
> so now had to copy and paste the backup copy.
> and now i cannot atatch the db.
> so if any one is experienced in visual web developer and sql.
> maybe they could help me out.
> got it on my local hard disk.
> took me onths and a person name rick thomas who is on the
>, has not got time to help me.
> as he is busy with other projects.
> and did start helping me out with articles.
> and got up to a point.
> so if any one can help.
> please let me know.
> short of having to rebuild the whole project from stratch, which has taken
> me about 8 months to this point.
> noticed the problem when i was copy and paste the episodes for star trek
> voyager 154, and gt the string truncated error.
> and that is when my problems started.
> i am using windows vista home premium, jaws 11 standard on a toshbia
> satellite a300.
> marvin.
> __________
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