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  • Date: Wed, 8 Apr 2009 17:21:38 -0500

Hi all --
I have been subscribed to this list for a very long time albeit not actively 
participating all that time. I know that Jim and inthane and Jamal and Sina 
and others have been putting together docs and other resources in an 
official place, but I have lost track where the official place has moved to. 
Is up to date and current? Inthane sounded as if 
his grabbag was old and I don't see it listed in his tag lines any more, so 
I assume it is no longer up to date.
Finally there is the empowerment zone website where Jamal posts all his 
So is there another site? Is one of these sites supposed to be central and 
linked to the other pages?
Just getting my bearings.
I've been quite busy with non-software related pursuits, and of course those 
in the US know it is tax time this month, so I have to stop and calculate 
Thanks for any info.

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