Re: building avisual studio project with out unicode

  • From: "Saurabh Malav" <saurabhmalav@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <programmingblind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2007 00:16:28 +0530

Hi Sean,
Goto Project properties from Project menu. In Property pages dialog box click 
on Preprocessor which is under C/C++ option of left pane. On the right pane see 
if UNICODE or _UNICODE preprocessor is written in Preprocessor Definitions text 
box. If yes delete them. then press apply to take change into effect.
If these preprocessor are not written in project properties dialog box search 
for these preprocessor in your source code and if it is defined any where then 
comment it out. Now your program should work in ANSI mode.
Saurabh Malav

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  Subject: building avisual studio project with out unicode

  When importing a visual studio project from an earlie version of visual 
studio the project builds fine. However when starting a project and adding some 
files from he existing project originally build in an earlier version of visual 
studio these files no longer build and the compiler spits errors out as if it 
istrying to compile witnh unicode. When looking in the project I carn't seem to 
find n option tha sets up unicode. I don't want tobuild with unicode as this is 
a com server used as a test harness, wha option should I change to build 
withonly ansi functions. when the functions I am writing go in to the final 
product they will become unicode aware but that's no going to be a problem. 
  Any help apreciated.

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