Re: WinBT 2.0 - a free, open source Windows braille translator

  • From: "Steve Jacobson" <steve.jacobson@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2011 12:36:16 -0500

Frankly, if people have time to invest in making it easier for blind persons to 
get better and cheaper braille, I don't think that NFBTRANS or WINTRANS are 
the vehicles to follow.  What we have tried to do with WINTRANS and NFBTRANS is 
to simply give a little more life to a very old program.  John Boyer has 
asked for help with Braille Blaster and LIBLOUIS here and other places.  He has 
a system that is far closer to being able to not only translate but to do some 
automatic formatting from more complex files such as those created by Microsoft 
Word, XML, or even DAISY text files.  NFBTRANS does a pretty nice job 
of formatting but it requires plain text input with the manual insertion of 
formatting commands.  While a better description of NFBTRANS might have been 
helpful, the function of the program is well known to those who use it, and we 
are just not in a position to have numerous people making changes at this 
point.  There is more of a project structure to John's project and he is in a 
better position to coordinate work.  

Best regards,

Steve Jacobson

On Mon, 25 Jul 2011 01:37:24 -0700, Andre Williams wrote:

>It is very likely many more people would be interested in measuring their 
>ability to contribute time into projects like this if one explained what it 
>was that was being created. I guess I'm suggesting one take about a sentence 
>or two to explain what winTrans does and how it can help the individual and 
>the population it intends to help. I ran a quick Google search to learn more 
>about this and came across this link:

>Again not much in terms of context or explanation of benefits for the 
>population that might have a need for this kind of tool. Seems like lots of 
>effort to put into something if there's no demand.

>A W

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