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  • From: "Richard Thomas" <rthomas@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2007 02:04:25 -0400

Hi Jamie:
Sorry for the reply delay but I've been really tied up lately.  Anyway, If Sql 
Server is running you can use either, the Admin Program you downloaded 
or any other .net language, VWD, C# etc. . .
to create a DataBase.
You will create a DataBase, Then Create one or more Tables in the DataBase to 
hold your Data.  Each Table is comprised of Columns that hold individual pieces 
of information.
DataBase Name might be:  MyLoginStuff
MyLoginStuff might have 2 tables.
Create a Table, LoginDetails:
Column 1 name might be UserId, Column type VarChar(10):
  Column 2 might be UserName, type VarChar(25)
  Column 3 might be UserIncome, type Decimal( 15, 2)
  Table 2 might be: UserHobbies:
  Column 1 . . .
  To Create the DataBase you would go into an application like the Admin 
program and use what is called t-sql, Transactional Sql.
  Statements to build the DataBase.
  You would need to do the following statements:
  Create DataBase  MyLoginStuff . . .
  Create Table UserDetails:
  and define each column for that table by picking the types of columns, 
integer, varchar decimal etc from a drop down list or program them if you use a 
script to do the create DataBase, Tables work.
  This is all massively   generalized but I don't know where you are 
technically with DataBase design and implementation.
  In any case you will need to know t-sql, just a subset of regular SQL 
statement formats that Microsoft uses to manipulate databases.
  Do you want to build your first database by hand using the Admin tool or 
something like or do you want to write  scripts to build the DataBase?
  If you are new you might google some Introduction, Basics, Tutorial, Sql 
Server, t-sql and the name of the Admin program you downloaded.  I forget the 
actual name of the tool. but it might be Sql Server Management Express.  You 
should be able to find a Walkthrough or Tutorial for beginners using your 
preferred technique.  Check it out and let me know what you find and which 
method you choose to build your first DataBase so I can do a little checking on 
that technique too.  That way I might find something that might help me  give 
you some specific examples.
  Rick Farmington Mich. USA
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  Hi richard, thanks for your reply.
  I have downloaded the microsoft SQL free express and the admin studio, but 
cant figure out what to do now it's instaled, i don't know nothing about sql or 
how to use it, you see.
  My idea is that if i created an sql database, i have a login script that logs 
users in to a profile server, and the script can log the users in to the 
database, stating what workstation logged in, time, date, and so forth.
  The other sql server i have also downloaded and tried is my sql for the web, 
that's a commandline app, i tried figuring that out to build some kind of web 
interfaces as well.
  the microsoft express runs fine, it's just a question of what to do with it.
  Kind regards: Jamie.
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    I'm running Sql Server Express OK.  What seems to be the problem with it?
    Is it running when you look in the ControlPanel>Admin Services list for 
local services?
    I also have the dFree downloaded Administration Studio but have not heard 
of a Web Based version, if you have a url I'll look at it or thry and Google 
    I use VWD and Express with Sql Server Express and had no problems so 
    What can you tell so far about the status of Sql Server Express on your 
machine?  It needs to be running before you can use it.
    I think you can have it set to automatically start when the computer is 
booted from the Control Panel> Admin Tools > Local Services but I've not looked 
at it in some time.  I guess the first thing is to figure out if you have a 
good Download and Install and that Sql Server is running so let me know if you 
can check that out or I'll figure out how to do it if you need help.
    After that it should be simple enough to build a test DataBase using, the Admin Tools or something else.
    Rick Farmington Mich. USA
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      From: vertual 
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      Subject: SQL and Microsoft SQL express

      Hi there.
      This is directed to all of the database gooroows out there.
      I cant actually figure out how to get sql running, so i was wondering, 
has anyone else had it working? i obtained the admin web interface to control 
sql via a web interface.
      I am not a commandline kind of person you see, and where ever possible 
use gui applications.
      Also, has anyone ever used microsoft sql express? i have a coppy on here, 
but cant figure it out, i have looked at the help and it's not exactly clear.
      As a note to the php admin interface, anyone got it to run? i havn't, 
even though i have php installed on a web server here.
      Kind regards: Jamie.

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