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Hello Jim:

Lets say you have a table category that has:
cat_id, subof, level, description...
also, an item table that has:
item_id, name, unit_of_package, price, quantity_in_stock...
and a third table:
id, cat_id, item_id

You would have duplicates only in this third table, which holds only
three id
When at top level, the cat_id = subof



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I think I should use four tables because there would be less duplicate
data. Here is the summary of this thread as it was on the old list.

I want to depict a tree in a relational database. Here is what is going
to happen. There will be a table that has items in it. The items can
categories. That means there will be a table of categories. An item can
be in more than one category. I think this means that I need a third
The third table will hold the number of an item from the items table and
a number of a category  from the categories table.
I think I need another table that has
a category number and a parent number. This would let me depict the
categories inside other categories.

I would say you only need 3 tables:
1. Item
2. Category
3. ItemCategory
I don't think you need another table because you can simply put the
ParentCategoryID into the category table.  You would join the category
table to itself to get the parent category.

I think that you can handle the category and subcategory like eBay does.
There is a field category_id and another field subcategory_of in the
categories table.  When the subcategory_of field is the same as the
category_id field, you are at a top level category.

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