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  • Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2007 15:01:21 -0500

Hello Eileen,

I am not a Putty  user, but you could try a search for Putty.* and then look at 
the directory that the search finds Putty .exe in.

There might be a .ini  or .dat or maybe an .xml file that contains the settings.



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  I have Putty on my work computer and have set up many accounts and have made 
many settings changes over the years to make Putty work well for me. 

  Now, I have installed Putty on my work computer that I have at home.  My 
question is does anyone know where the .ini file is located for Putty?  I am 
assuming that there is an .ini file that contains the settings, and accounts, 
etc.  I did a search in my local disk for putty.ini and there was not one.   

  Can anyone help me find where the Putty settings and accounts are saved so 
that I can copy that file to my home computer?

  Thanks for any help.

  Eileen La Fond
  Phone (206) 386-0011
  e.mail Eileen.LaFond@xxxxxxxxxxx

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