Layout Again, Groups and Radio Buttons

  • From: "Donald Marang" <donald.marang@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <programmingblind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2010 11:05:04 -0400

While I am on the subject of window layout in Visual Studio Express 2008, I 
have been wrestling with one more dilemma.  I have an Input Group placed on the 
QuickOCR main window.  I thought I placed the three radio buttons in that 
group; Clipboard, Scanner (disabled), and File.  I am not sure I properly 
placed all three inside the container.  I should probably add the Filename text 
edit field and the Browse button to this group as well.  Is there some trick 
those of us with extremely limited vision should do when creating a new control 
or cut and pasting controls to assure that they are contained within that group 
container?  I assume a group can be set to resize as well.  In fact, I hope it 
would isolate me from needing to manually resize each control within.  Does the 
group have a visual outline border by default?  Should it always have a border? 
 I am afraid that would interfere with a graphic logo I want my college bound 
art student daughter to design.  I would place it at the top right corner as 
large as practical and tasteful.  She will probably also design an icon for the 

My radio buttons act somewhat strangely.  Perhaps it is just the grouping 
problem mentioned above.  I can not get their positioned announced by JAWS, 
like 1 of 3, to match their physical placement / tab order.  Should the group 
container and its associated radio buttons have sequential numbers in the Tab 
Order or share one number?  Do I need to do something special to get the JAWS 
position to match, or should the proper grouping discussed in the first 
paragraph resolve this issue?  

Don Marang

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