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Thanks sina, now i have to get some order on my documents...*smile*

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Hi all,

A few things.

In one of my previous emails on the subject, I used the common English idiom
of "my book". I was refering to the book I used in a graduate AI course, not
a book I have written, *grin*. Maybe in thirty years I'll begin to be
qualified enough to write a book on lisp, and that's if I start trying now.

Note: this book is not all about learning lisp at all. It's an AI book. I
provide another link after the zip file's location that has a much more
"learning lisp" centered theme about it.

I've uploaded the zip form of this book, for a very limited time to the
following location:

Limited time means, until something happens to it, so please download and

As for learning lisp ... I urge you all to check out the following, but
please keep in mind it doesn't always teach the best lisp syntax or
programming styles. It does however introduce the true power of lisp.

Practical Common Lisp:

Also, for those of you wondering what to use, I very much recommend using
clisp, often pronounced c lisp. You can find it on source forge.

Take care,

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