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  • Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2008 13:00:08 -0400

If AJAX turns out to be the biggest barrier, I have the following thoughts:

Start your sighted assistant out by demonstrating to him the difference
between forms mode and the virtual cursor mode.  I take the virtual buffer
content of a highly laid-out page and copy it into Notepad so he can see
what it looks like after it has been decolumnized.  This will give him/her a
better idea of what you are hearing or reading on your braille display.

Try JAWS 10 as well as an earlier version that is not so aware of AJAX and
ARIA live regions.  This is an area which is going to change rapidly over
the next year or two as screen readers try to adapt to the reality of
dynamic HTML web pages.  A few days ago, people using Window-Eyes 7.01 had a
lot of trouble using a Google search page, because the page was popping up
suggestions as they typed, and this would cause the newest W-E version to
jump into Browse mode (like the JAWS virtual cursor mode) at unexpected
times.  They were advised to turn the search suggestions off.

Run a demo or real copy of Window-Eyes occasionally to see if any of your
results are any better.

Hope this helps.

Lloyd Rasmussen, W3IUU, Kensington, Maryland

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> Thank You for the information.  Let me know if you find out anything else
> on Apex or what you do to work around it.  Here at work they are going to
> have me work with a sighted programmer to see if we can figure out a way
> to use it enough to do my assigned projects.

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