Re: How to detect screen readers for a webpage?

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In my history, iI've used sort of javascript and vbscript to find vulnerabilities for sites. I detected that, using internet explorer under windows, it is possible to read/write windows registries.

So here are a technics to find if jaws is there:)
more explanations here:

Also if you detect that the user agent is ie and that operating system is windows you can generate a vb script instead of javascript
and use it like here:

a more clear way you find here:

Also with the following script you can get for example the drives from a computer using javascript and internet explorer. And how a lot of people design pages using only internet explorer and a lot of them visit pages using internet explorer... I was confused to work in a webdesign company and to see that their mainly efort was on internet explorer testing, when I asked why we don't test other browsers like firefox..... They said... WTF with that sheet (sorry they words). I was very happy about their words because after the site was published in production environment, I taked it down 3 times by exploits and I liked to see them working to understand what happened there. Look that all my solution are on internet explorer, firefox does not suffer from all this vulnerabilities.

<SCRIPT language=JavaScript>

function ShowAvailableDrives()

function GetDriveList()
var fso, s, n, e, x;
fso = new ActiveXObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject");
e = new Enumerator(fso.Drives);
s = "";
  x = e.item();
  s = s + x.DriveLetter;
  s += ":-    ";
  if (x.DriveType == 3)     n = x.ShareName;
  else if (x.IsReady)     n = x.VolumeName;
  else                     n = "[Drive not ready]";
  s += n + "<br>";
}  while (!e.atEnd());



<SCRIPT language=JavaScript> ShowAvailableDrives(); </SCRIPT>
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In that case, will anyone please explain to me why it is on Government
Web sites I get messages about jaws having been detected?  Provided
screen readers get installed in expected default folders, it ought to be
possible to search a connecting hard drive for the series of folders
that hold screen reader executable files and other support files then
act accordingly

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Good afternoon Robert,

In short, no.  There is no way to detect the use of a screen-reader from
a web-page.



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On 2010-02-12, at 1:35 PM, Robert Jaquiss wrote:

Hello List:

    I am in the process of revamping the web site for VIEW
International Foundation. I would like to include some audio files. I
observe that when an audio file is activated, JAWS is still talking
about the page. Is there a way to detect a screen reader, and either
wait five seconds or figure out when it is done talking before playing
the audio? Thanks in advance.


Robert Jaquiss

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