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Nod I have my mac have you actually done much with it the controls are awful
and the work it takes to do simple mixing for a blind person is well work.
I still will go with SR even if it costs 200$ and by the way I bought mine
personally even though I work at APH.




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On a Mac you could use GarageBand which comes with all of Apple computers.
There are a couple of not bad shareware things for Windows for audio editing
in the $20 range.




On Sep 8, 2010, at 10:18 AM, Homme, James wrote:


Is anyone willing to help me with something regarding sounds? I want to
create or make four or five sounds. I want two versions of each. One panned
hard left, and the other panned hard right. They need to be very quick,
short sounds, like a tone or a marimba note. They need to be different
notes. I want to use them to replace less than and greater than, left
parenthesis and right parenthesis, left square bracket and right square
bracket, and left and right brace in a JAWS dictionary file. I'm not sure if
I'm missing anything I want to work with, so if OK, I'd like to work with
someone off list.






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