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lol, I don't have half of what I used to, but I put a copy of that in a second 
folder that did get double backed up so was able to find it for you.  

and as to your question, not at this time, but that is undoubtedly going to 
change sometime here, when I get back to working on my two primary sites, which 
will be after major updates of the grab bag and fruit basket demo sites, well I 
guess it will be sometime here, lol

take care, and glad I could help, 
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    Hi Inthane:
    Thanks.  I don't know how you keep  the massive amount of data you hold 
archived in order.  I had also found that message and tried it and it seemes to 
work.  I still don't know why this happens, perhaps a full moon? 
    So I haden't posted yet as I was still looking but have come up  empty.  
Just one of those thingys, spooky!
    Hmmm, if you ever need anything done to help out let me know.  
    Do you run any flavor of Sql Server DataBase?
    Rick Farmington Mich. USA
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    you had this trouble a while back and here is the message you sent about 
finding the fix for it, hope it jogs your memory!

    "Hi Jeff:
    You gave me the idea to check that an error had caused the problem.  I 
    deleted s few files generated by the Build process, One In OBJ Something 
    like Form1 Resources, and the problem was resolved.  So I then Deleted the 
    Build and Obj folders which were rebuilt and now it seems to be working. 
    That includes the Warning Pop-up that asks if I want to use an old version 
    if build finishes with errors, Phew!
    I don't know what caused the problem but that was my fix.  Actually I 
    renamed the folders  and tested before deleteing them just in case . . .
    Thanks for the idea, it helped.
    Perhaps that is what happens when you check the don't show me this message 
    again in the build error warning box.   The project uses the old version 
    until the pre-built old exe and configuration modules  have been deleted or 
    otherwise manually updated, don't know but sounds good so that's a wrap!
    Rick Farmington Mich. USA
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     If you have build errors, a dialogue box pops up which asks you f you want
     to try running a previous version of the program.  It also has a checkbox
     which, if checked, will not show that dialogue box again.  Is it possible
     that you've checked this checkbox at some point and selected "yes" instead
     of "no"?

     I don't know how to make that dialogue box reappear but, that may be part
     of your problem...That is, that you have an error so it is reverting.


     Hi Guys:
     I have a problem when I tried to F5 debug / Run my Project.
     I  changed the source code in Form1 and F5ed to run the app but the old
     version of Form1 is still running.
     I don't think I did anything to cause this, but who knows, I'm good at
     breaking things.
     Why wouldn't my Project Re-Compile using the new version of Form1?
     I'm going back and see if I can figure anything out but this is mind
     blowing unless I'm just fried and missing something simple.
     Rick Farmington Mich. USA "

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