Announcing availability of SSIP for Windows Update - V 1.4 Beta

  • From: "Macarty, Jay {PBSG}" <Jay.Macarty@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2008 13:07:50 -0600

Now available at the following link 
is version 1.4 beta of the SSIP for Windows product. This update
contains the following changes from the 1.3 release:

1. Fixed a minor bug in the remote server logic. Example C# program
given out yesterday is now working properly. 

2. Included the C# class SSIPClientRemoteDemo.cs in the clients\dotnet
directory of the installation folder. this is basically the same program
I sent out yesterday describing how one would connect to the SSIP voice
server on a remote machine. Note that, unlike the regular demo
SSIPClientDemo, the SSIPClientRemoteDemo does not have an accompanying
executable file. This is because the remote machine name would be
different for any given environment. Thus, this program is simply given
as an example. One can certainly put in a valid remote machine name in
the connect() method call and compile the code to try it out. 

3. Also included in the Clients/dotnet folder is a directory called src.
this is the full source code of the SSIPClient wrapper. Examining this
source code will show how the various property and method calls, such as
SayText or the SpeechAPI property, are mapped into the SSIP command
structure and sent to the server via the socket connection. 

NOTE: Remember that you should shut down your SSIP server if you have
one running prior to attempting to install the updated version.
Otherwise, you will receive an install error that there are files which
can't be overwritten. 

I have had interest expressed in developing a client for C++ and for
assistance in getting the COM interface to the SSIPClient class working.
I appreciate these offers and look forward to feedback from others and
for their contributions to the package as well. 

NOTE: I will be out Wednesday through Sunday of this week, 2/13 through
2/17, and may have limited access to e-mail. Thus, if you post a
comment, I am not ignoring you if it takes a day or so to get back to
you with a response. 

Jay Macarty - Masterfiles Technical Lead - PBSG 
Phone: 972-963-1387 
 Cell: 214-549-3421 
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