Re: Accessible ssh client?

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  • Date: Sat, 16 Jul 2011 16:13:55 -0500

I might try Cygwin OpenSSH as well. I never have. Thank you for listing it, Q.


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Cygwin OpenSSH treats me well. There's a copy of just this without the
rest of Cygwin on but it's ancient and
I don't think handles Unicode.
I recommend installing Cygwin and adding c:\cygwin\bin to your path not
only for ssh, but because it will greatly-improve your command line

On 7/16/2011 4:41 PM, Alex Hall wrote:
Hi all,
I am looking for a free, simple ssh client to use with a website. I
need to be able to ssh into the site using my login information and
issue commands (I am hoping to set up DJango, but to do so requires
the use of ssh). I have heard of Putty, but I have also heard that it
is not very accessible. Thanks.

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