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I essentially peeled off the first char, forced it to upper case. Next I 
grabbed the rest of the string minus the first char and then put it back 
together but that's greasey.

I was hoping for something like this:

If first char is not capital then 
Make first char capital
End if

Many thanks


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Two answers.

Sure, you can do a toUpperCase on the first char of the string, but this does 
not make it any more legitamet.  Basically, if you have something like 
EmployeeRecord, go back and jaws cursor over how I spelled that.  Noticed that 
each word needs to be capitolized.  Therefore, capitolizing the first letter 
only is honestly no more correct than just leaving them all lower case.  If 
it's automated, then you don't have to have them be upper case, that's simply a 
strongly enforced and suggested style guideline.

Regardless, here are the two javadoc pages you need for the string and char





Take care,


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I'm writing a program that will take a COBOL copybook record layout and creates 
automatically a java class with the corresponding fields, getters and setters 
and the necessary code for my CICS to CICS transaction.

The UI is complete and so is most of the backend logic and now I'm just 
cleaning things up.... 

One thing I want to do is once I've selected my .cbl file from a file dialog is 
to check the first character of the file name.... If its lower case then 
convert it to upper case because the existing file name eventually becomes a 
.java file and as a standard all .java classes start with a capital letter....

I guess I'm looking at this way to hard because for the life of me I can't seem 
to dig my self out of this hole. Any ideas?


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