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Just been listening to refused and I only still like that song that I
liked in oxford what ever it's called. but it is a really good song=20

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> And breaking up didn't compromise the band? Shit like that comes very
> close to pretentiousness if you ask me. Which you didn't.

Heh, well, it did, yeah...  But, I think that was prefered over the
compromise. =20

I'm glad they did what made them happy.  I have no problems at all with
bands getting big, however - Dillinger Escape Plan have made it to the
stage at the Reading Festival this year, with the Prodigy and the
and loads of other huge acts.  They're the smallest bill on the stage,
I'm still proud as hell for them... :)  They're really nice guys and
deserve every ounce of success.


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