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This is from a site called playground rules, where kids and adults
remembering their childhood post stuff that went on in their school.....
The best song ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fat momma
This was a woman of monolithic proportions. Probably around 30 stone, I
would guess, even with hindsight. She would waddle around the town with
shopping bags full of tucker with which to stuff her ludicrously fat
face. The popular legend became unnervingly real, however, when she
appeared in our boarding house canteen and started squeezing between the
tables. The poor woman had a child of indeterminate sex and age (best
guess, female, 12) who was about 12 stone and could also be seen
shuffling up gentle hills.
Fat Momma had her own song.
Fat Momma's coming
She's coming to fuck you
She's so fucking fat
She's coming
She's coming up the stairs
She's coming to fuck you
She's got dead sheep coming out of her cunt
She's coming to fuck you
She's coming into the room
She smells soooo bad
And she's pulling the dead sheep out of her cunt
And the tramps and the children (continue, adding awful things, ad
infinitum) out of her cunt
She's fucking you!
She's fucking you! (Alex Marshall)
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> Really liked that song but the video was shit.
Yeah, but it's a good video for an independant band...  Nice song...

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