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go on, see what happens

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var user_name=prompt("Please, type your name below....","yeah, right in
here...."); document.write("Hello "+user_name+"!!!. 

This is a little game that has a pretty funny/creepy outcome. Don't read
ahead, just do it in order. It takes about 3 minutes. It's worth it. It's
kind of eerie.

"+user_name+", when you are asked to choose names, make sure it's people you
ACTUALLY KNOW, and go with your first instincts!") 


1. First, choose a number from 2 to 9 ... 

2. Write down the name of someone to whom you are really attracted... 

3. Now write the name of the first colour you think of... 

4. Type the name of your first pet... 

5. Type the names of two people you work with... 

6. Finally, make a wish

function Show() { alert(document.vito.qnum.value + ' is the number of times
you should be smacked over the head with a rolling pin for thinking that
stupid e-mails like this actually mean anything. You are probably the same
prat who forwards e-mails from other delusional pricks who think that their
life will actually get better if they clog up the worlds email systems with
this bullshit. Sad...'); alert(document.vito.first.value + ' is someone who
will never sleep with you because youre stupid enough to waste your time on
something like this.'); alert('The fact that you picked ' +
document.vito.qcol.value + ' means nothing. Its a fucking colour for Christ
sake.'); alert(document.vito.qpet.value + ' is the name of a dead animal.');
alert(document.vito.qwork1.value + ' and ' + document.vito.qwork2.value + '
are colleagues who are embarrassed to know you.'); alert('Pass this on to
everyone you know, so they can feel like a twat too. If you dont pass this
onto at least 40,000 people in the next four seconds then not only will ' +
document.vito.odpow.value + ' not come true, but you will then get molested
by a hoard of Lady Boys, before contracting gangreen and both your feet
falling off.'); alert('now fuck off and get on with your work you sad
bastard'); } 


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