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Subject: FW: R6 Lonewolf : Goldmaster 
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Just so you know;

There's gonna be a 2 page preview in the next issue of Official
Playstation Magazine, and I'm guessing a review the month after that.
It should be in the shops in a few weeks....  The press are aware of it
- we have a tiny reference in the current OPM saying 'Looks to be the
best R6 game on PSX', or words to that effect (I haven't actually seen
the mag, just been told =D.

So there we go.  I take it you two are well....


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From: Matthieu Boulard
Sent: 13 June 2002 10:20
To: Jason Kingsley; Chris Kingsley; Alex Moore; Emerson Best; Morgan
Subject: R6 Lonewolf : Goldmaster 
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I'm glad to announce you that Rainbow 6 Lonewolf is now Goldmaster. The
European version has been approved yesterday, the US one today.
Attached is the report I received for the US version.

I don't think I received the Goldmasters invoices, I'll process them as
as they arrive.

It has been a real pleasure to work with you,

Best regards, Matthieu

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