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  • Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2002 16:38:00 +0100

Well, I only heard about it after the event.
Apparently it was so 'underground' that all the fliers were written
backwards in hieroglyphics so only those 'in the circle' would be able to
translate them.

Unfortunately DJ Fuckwit seems to have overestimated his cult appeal and the
circle turned out to be more interested in DJ Cuntslap's appearance at the
Astoria where he had proper advertising and fliers written in english with
spanish, german, french and italian translations on the back.

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> Well DJ Fuckwit played a set recently at a 'squat gig' in an old abandoned
> underground car park near Kings Cross. Only no-one actually knew about it
> apparently he was just there by himself for three hours until the police
> came and hauled the twat away.

Why didn't anyone know about it?  Surely the promoters would have let people
in local clubs know with fliers and posters and stuff?

That's really fucking odd...  It's shitty when the police stop gigs, too,
especially when you've made the effort to go.

If you know about it, why didn't you go?

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