[play.webdev] Latest updates to Playground Web Development Standards

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  • Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2004 12:07:30 -0800

Playground Web Development Standards have been updated. The latest changes:

Maximum allowable page size has increased:

Page size. Keep page size under 100K; under 60K if possible. Our goal is a 1
second download on high-speed connections, and 10 seconds on 56K modem.
Research shows users lose interest after 10 seconds, and only response times
under one second are perceived as instant.

Text links must be underlined:

Links. Use a different colour for visited and unvisited text links. The
unvisited colour should be "hotter" than the visited colour. Text links must
be underlined.

Pages must print properly:

Printing. Whatever the web page layout, it must print properly without
truncating text. There are three ways to do this:
* Good - Use a print stylesheet or have a printer-friendly version
* Better - Keep important body copy within the print margins. Let the
right-hand margin truncate
* Best - Use a liquid layout that displays & prints well across a range of
devices. This is the most challenging to design well, but it's worth the

Send me an email if you'd like the full document.


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