[photodesk] crash when moving an area

  • From: Jim Nagel (lists) <jimfree@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: photodesk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2012 01:16:42 GMT

I have a simple bitmap diagram and I want to move one rectangular 
section just a wee bit downwards.

I "drag out the area to copy".
Photodesk says "Reposition the selection or copy it to the clipboard."

If I reposition it, bits of the original section remain visible.
Is this a bug?

So I copy it to the clipboard,
and paint out the old section with its background colour.
Now on clipboard, I "drag out the area to copy" (all of it);
Photodesk says "Reposition the selection...";
I drag it to the new position in main window

Crash!  Crash like I've never seen this RiscPC do before:
the TFT screen just goes black and "No signal" appears.
Alt-Break does nothing, Ctrl-Break does nothing,
finally switch off the power and reboot.  All seems OK.

Is unstable behaviour like this common with Photodesk?

Repeated the whole exercise, and this time achieved desired result: 
just dragged the selected area (all) from clipboard to main window, no 
problem.  Fix it (spacebar), save it (F3).
But then I load the saved file into another bitmap editor (David 
Pilling's !Scan) and the area of my selection is blank!

What am I failing to understand?  This operation should be simple.

Using Photodesk 3.10 on OS 4.39 with Viewfinder 1.78.

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