Re: [PCWorks] Tuesday's MS security fix for XP

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  • Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2008 16:39:41 -0500

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Is there any more details to it?  If you're getting that kind 
of a warning, something is wrong.  But I can't say what that 
may be without more details (if you have any).  If you search 
for "Windows will shut down in" you'll see a lot of results.  I 
think you may mean 5 seconds and not 5 minutes.

God Bless
Clint Hamilton, Owner

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From: "Vistro"

Off topic, but still about this update...
I'm kinda tired of every "critical" update launching a "Windows 
will shut
down in 5:00" box every five minutes. Windows can wait a couple 
of minutes
for me to finish what I'm doing, I'll reboot when I'm good and 

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> Found my answer.  Zone Alarm is incompatible with the patch. 
> The work
> around is to uninstall the patch.  The fix is to install the 
> latest version
> of Zone Alarm which is version 7 something.  I'm still using 
> 6.5 and don't
> want to upgrade.  Oh well ...
> Ben Moore
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> Did anyone have any problems with Tuesday's security fix for 
> WinXP?
> I've installed it on 3 machines.  On two I lost internet 
> connectivity.  Had
> to do a restore.
> The update is MS 08-037.  It's a DNS patch.
> Ben Moore

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