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  • Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2008 22:52:25 -0400

Hi Gman,

I uploaded another screenshot.  With screen shot "4", am I looking at two 
tracks?  Left and right, I know it is recorded in stereo.  If so which is 
the bottom one?  I know I can split tracks to mess with each separately with 
the solo button.  My other question is "note how much skinnier the wave line 
is on the bottom track"  does this mean the top track is a better/stronger 
recording than the one on the bottom and if so how/should I use the stronger 
one or just do a mix tracks and they will be ok?

I experimented with labels last night but think I came to the realization 
that that only works if you are creating a project file as far as saving and 
using it unless somehow you import a txt file of it.  I decided to "can" the 
labeling for now, not to label the can lol..so to speak.

Of note, I did try playing each wave (top and bottom) as solo to hear if one 
sounded better or stronger than the other and could not notice right off 
even though one wave was much bigger looking. Ok, I think the top 
wave(track) is the left one, and the bottom is the right?  Don't ask me how 
I thought that but..

Somewhat of an annoyance.every time after I do a generate silence edit, the 
view changes on me to real big looking wave and I have to click view normal 
and scroll back to the song/place where I was editing.  seems if I just 
click on the zoom tool (+) a few times it takes me back.  I also see why you 
think I may need a bigger computer screen now.

I imported the wave that had all my completed transitions and created 
several waves from it , one for each song.  Some of the songs were louder 
than others.

I am now wondering how do I balance out the volume so each song plays the 
same volume when they are being played on the CD.  Did I have to split them 
into separate files seeing as all I really did was work on transitions 
between them and use normalize effect on them?  Was there a way to just save 
as multiple waves, I need to look at that I know we discussed it some and I 
thought it would be better the other way.


ok, found the above line about normalizing and about leveling out the 
volume, will look into it.

Ok, I normalized each song wave to -3db (would have done it before I split 
my file up but did not know).  Anyhow, burned a CD with the songs, the songs 
played, transitions were ok.  But too much distortion for me on almost all 
of them, not horrible sounding but not what I want.  The songs also had a 
bit of a tin can sound quality.  Not horrible at all but definite room for 
improvement, esp. the distortion.  I am thinking maybe when I recorded it 
from the cassette, I had the volume set too high which usually happened with 
recording cassettes, or perhaps it was that way originally.  Do not think 
the normalizing did it but could take that out.  Any suggestions for less 
distortion and better quality sound?  I did not think I heard that much on 
the computer.


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