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With libraries you can have folders of stuff all over your hard drive and
have them all on what amounts to a shortcut.  If you click on the DOCUMENTS
library then all folders and subfolders and documents that have been placed
in the library will be listed in the right hand pane.  If you expand the
folders in the tree you will also see all the folders and subfolders there.

If a document or document folder is not in your DOCUMENTS library then find
it in the folder tree, right click on it, mouse over Include In Library and
then select Documents.  Add folders of pictures to the PICTURES library
using the same technique.  Want to create a special library for special
folders?  Simple.  Right click on Libraries in the folder tree.  Select new
and then type in the name for the new library.  OR... Select Libraries and
then click on New Library in the toolbar and then fill in the name.  Exactly
like creating a new folder.  Create folders in the libraries just like you
would in a folder.

You could also put any location in the Favorites.  Click and drag and drop
any folder in the tree up to Favorites and drop it there to create a

You can also have certain folders (Pictures, Documents etc) displayed on the
start menu as either a link or a menu.  Go to Start>Control Panel>Taskbar
and Start Menu and select the start menu tab and click on Customize.  Select
what you want displayed on the right side of the start menu and how folders
are displayed (link or menu).


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Hi Dorothy,

I had already put windows explorer in my taskbar like you suggested but when

I click on it and look in the left pane, the only my documents is under 
"libraries" and I did not think that was the one I wanted.


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Hi, Christy--
I don't use win 7 much, but it is installed on several of our computers.

What I like to do, since I use windows explorer a lot, is go to:
Start--All Programs--Accessories-- then click and drag Windows Explorer to
the task bar at the bottom of the screen.  Then it's available at one easy

To make a shortcut to My Documents:

Click on Windows Explorer in the task bar. In the left pane, you should see
Documents with a little arrow in front of it. Click once on the arrow; now
(indented) below Documents you should see My Documents.  Right click on My
Documents and select Send to--Desktop (i.e. create a shortcut).

Now you have My Documents available on your Desktop.

Mostly, Win 7 looks a bit different at first, but if you ignore parts you
don't care about and focus on the ones you want, you might get to like it.
What I love about it is:  it starts up QUICK!!!

When you double click on the My Docs shortcut, you'll still see stuff in the
left pane; but at the top the heading is My Documents.  And in the right
pane are all your folders and documents...or if they're not, it's easy to
drag and drop them into My Documents from wherever they ended up.  As
always, you can make a new folder or sub-folder by right clicking in the
right pane  and choosing New--Folder, then naming it.

Hope this helps!
Sr. Dorothy

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