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  Ms. Bluebelle
  We are looking for the CD, if it still exists, that M$ puts out that has 
updates on it and that will automatically Auto-run and install the updates in 
the proper order.   I know what you are talking about, those use to be avail to 
administrators, though I haven't seen them for a while, nor have I looked - I 
have a CD of them, but to install them in the correct order is . . .well. . . 
let's just say I am not Einstein, besides that CD of mine is years old (prior 
to SP2).  Any assistance you can afford us will be GREATLY appreciated.
  Here is the original message:
  There is a CD that you can order for free from Microsoft that
  has all the cumulative updates to all the operating systems up 
  to about Nov. 2004.    That saves you from having to download 
  ALL of them at one time. When you pop the CD in, it autoruns 
  And automatically assesses which operating system you are running. 
  They may have updated the CD by now.
Bluebelle <bluebelle1st@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
  You can do that but this is the only CD MS provides. I have an Appt so 
can't look any more but it used to be on the windows update site on the left 
side. You could select catalog (or something like that on the left side, 
hmmm maybe personalization) and it would show all the updates and you could 
download and save them yourself and burn them to a cd.


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