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CompUSA is having a special 20th Anniversay sale on Friday, March 19th 2004
from 6 PM to Midnight ONLY!  There are other items available Friday through
Saturday ONLY.

You might check your local store to be sure all the items I am listing are
available in your area.  There is a disclaimer onthe add, Not all product
available in all stores or online. Check Comusa.com for availability.  I
went to the site, but it still was showing last Sunday's ad which expires

These items are only available on Friday from 6 PM to midnight.  I might try
to get into the store earlier..and make sure they will have the item..  I
would also see where the item is in the store and make a plan.  Also be sure
to get on line for the 6 PM opening early!  Sometimes there are a very
limited number of each item and if you are not in the store soon and do not
move quickly.. you will be lost!   I would also take someone with me and
split up the task of finding the items.  Divide & Conquer!

I did go to the webste to check availability for the Norton
systemworks/Firewall bundle as I have a friend who wants to buy it!  I
checked availabity by using the sku number below, and then saying add it to
cart, I then went to the cart and checked the box to pick it up at the
store.  Then I said to purchase it and it took me to a screen to enter my
zip code which showed me the two stores in my area.  I seleced both of them
so I could know availability in both stores.  When it showed the item was
available, I just cancelled everything.

I also suggest you make a list of the items you want and have the SKU number
with  you  You might have an item with the same name, but if it is not the
same SKU # you may not get the deal.

These are all FREE --------------- AFTER Mail in Rebates!
All uprgrade rebates will require proof of ownership of a qualifying
product.  You still have to pay sales tax and the postage to mail in your
rebate forms.  . LIMIT ONE PER HOUSEHOLD.

SKU #                             Item

#307157                         Norton SystemWorks 2004 AND Personal
Firewall 2004 Bundle.
    $89.99 minus $10. instant savings and $50 mfr Mail-in rebate and $30
UPGRADE mail -in Rebate.

#293733/#310290          Click Art Fonts
     $19.99 - $10 instant savings and $10 Mail-in Rebate.

#305948                           McAfee Virus Scan
    $49.99 minus $20 Mfdr Mail in Rebate and $30 Upgrade Mail in Rebate

# 308396                           DVD Maker
     $19.99 minus $20 Mail in rebate

#307333                            Instant Immersion Spanish Deluxe
    $39.99 Minus $10 instant savings and $30 Mail in Rebate

#307341                              Instant Immersion French Deluxe
    $39.99 minus $10 instant savings and $30 mail in rebate

#307715                             Zip-Linq Notebook Light
    $9.99 minus  $7 instant savings $3 mail in rebate.

#289218                               Saitek Universal Light Up Stylus for
   $9.99 minus $3 instaln savings and $7 mail in rebate.

#300245                                New World Order
    $19.99 minus $20 mail in rebate

#305406                                  State of Emergency
    $9.99 minus $3 instant savings and $7 mail in rebate

#296468                                  Lord of The Rings
    $19.99 minus $5 instant savings and $15 mail in rebate

#305875                                  Corel R.A.V.E.
    $29.99 minus $5 instant Savings $24.99 Manufacrurer;s Mail In Rebate

#305802                                   Instant Home Cooking
    $19.99 minus $5 instant savings and $15 Manufacturer Mail in Rebate

#306620                                     Typing Instructor Deluxe
(By this for me! lol!)
    $29.99 minus $10 instant savings and $20 manufacturer mail in rebate

#304684                                       Air Raid
    $19.99 minus $20 mail in rebate

#307483                                        2.1 Speakers
    $24.99 minus $5 instant savings and $20 manufacturer's rebate.

Digital Memory Cleaning Kit - Each type is listed below The price & rebates
are the same for each one.
# 304067           For Compact Flash
#324069            For Memory Stick
#303631            For Secure Digital
#304068            For SmartMedia
$6.99 each - minus $2 instant savings and $5 mail in rebate.

There are other sales, but these are the freebies.

I got this info from  today's newspaper.  So, if you have a CompUSA near
you.. you could check it out.  Also, maybe it you go by the store earlier
tomorrow, you can get a copy of the ad.
There are other items on the back side of the ad that are on sale Fri &
Sat..  But the freebies, again, are Friday from 6 pm to midnight ONLY!

Happy Shopping,
Rose Las Vegas

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