[pasmembers] Here's the accumulated data for tonight's Homework assignment

  • From: Terri <starstuff@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 20 Sep 2014 12:09:15 -0700

Thanks to all who submitted the complete collection of info.

The homework was:

Part 1: List objects that can be seen tonight, in your scope, above 40
degrees off the horizon, to be sure we can see it.

Part 2: And some facts about each object to share with the group. 3 is a
good number of facts per object.

So, we have the list, and some class members haven't done the 2nd part of
the homework. So, since we are discussing the objects tonight, and we want
to talk about what we are looking at, if you haven't already done the 2nd
part of the homework (Many thanks to Alex for his 5 objects and info about
each), then please consider coming prepared with some facts to share about
your objects and bring it along with you.

I have the object list prepared as items to draw from a bag, and will bring
that with me.

Attached is a PDF file, formatted, easy to read in the dark, and hopefully
we will have a great observing night.

*Print a copy to bring with you tonight*. Also bring something to take
notes on so you can add some facts to this list and have that much more
knowledge about the objects.

If you sent me homework and I didn't include it in this file, let me know.
I hunted through my emails to find all the homework that was turned in.
Many thanks to everyone who contributed. Keep this list for next
September's observing sessions.

Terri, Event Coordinator for PAS

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