[pasmembers] Assuming decent weather for tonight, here's how class will happen

  • From: Terri <starstuff@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 20 Sep 2014 11:08:11 -0700

Thank you Eric.
6pm potluck.
I'm preparing for the class.

Here's what we have thus far:

Scopes attending:

Peter & Wife (maybe)
Kevin Witts - Maybe

PAS Members attending but without scopes:

David & Melinda (Dr Who fan) - Wear your Dr Who shirts tonight!

Who's in the potluck?

No one has signed up for the potluck. I just did, but i'm not sure what we
are bringing, as we have discussed pizza or rotisserie chicken. not sure
yet. What are you bringing?

So, I see these folk bringing food to the potluck, but they haven't signed
up for anything yet:

Howard: Green beans & Corn (YUM!)

William & Terri: Pizza or maybe a rotisserie chicken & some side.

Rodney: Dessert

Bob: Usually brings something that has to be warmed up at Mike's, but is
very tasty.

Pete: ?

Don ?

Mike: case of water & Ice

Now this is all based on the idea, we are having the event, for the minimum
of socializing, and hopefully some observing.

I'm compiling the homework. It is suggested you print the pages and bring
them to class.
Many thanks to everyone who submitted their homework. Those who didn't do
the homework, aren't passing the class J/K.

So, here is how class will go. Since we only have Alfred and Pete as new
members, let's make sure they are set up and ready. Alignment, etc.

Sunset is 6:20pm

Once aligned, lets all focus on something bright in the sky. by 6:20 we can
see Mercury, Saturn and Mars.

Then, when it gets dark enough, let's have a sky tour by Eric. Dark is
7:45pm so around 8pm, sky tour.
That will put us in the mood to star hop.

Mercury sets 7:15pm
Saturn set 8:45pm
Mars sets 9:30pm - ish

Let's be sure to observe these three planets, if possible, before they set.

Then, we will begin with the objects that were gathered for the homework.

I have made slips of paper with an object on each piece. I will bring a bag
from which to draw them from. William or I will start the process. Draw one
object, and the person who submitted that homework item will talk about
what they found out about the object. You can read from your homework, if
you need to. Let's share the info about the objects, and then star hop to
find it. Everyone goes to each object together. When we have all viewed
through our own scopes and other scopes, and hopefully Eric's scope, then
we will move to the next object. The person who's object that was, draws
the next piece of paper. And we continue through the night like that.

Anyone with star charts should bring them to help out. I didn't ask for
coordinates of where these objects are, so it is up to the person who
submitted them for homework to help me know where they are in the sky, so i
can help others learn how to star hop to it. Remember, our goal in this
class is to share knowledge of how to find the objects, and knowledge about
the objects. Everyone with a scope should be looking for each object as we
go through the list.

When the night ends, by either uncooperative weather or we get tired, use
the rest of the list to observe for the next month. If the objects are high
enough off the horizon, and not to the West or S.West, we should be able to
see them  into October.

Let's have a super time tonight.
I will bring plenty of Advil for my ankle and the migraine I currently

Terri, Event Coordinator

Many thanks to Eric & William for their help running this class.

If you have an idea for the future NSTS, send it my way and we can
incorporate it into the event. Now, back to compiling the homework, so you
have time to print it before class tonight.

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