[paradiseriders] Re: In town - bike ride on Saturday?

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  • Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2018 22:03:43 -0700

     Thanks Nick!  I haven't ridden much over the last few months but I'm kinda back in shape so I'd love to see what I can pull off.  Maybe Old San Marcos?  Or Tunnel Road up to the trailhead?




    I'm pretty sure that Roy would not mind dining at his namesake's place if possible.  But with Fiesta all bets might be off.

On 8/1/18 9:37 PM, Nick Davis wrote:

Hi Roy and All

Noelle and I would love to join for dinner. Just let us know when and where. Guessing that the usual haunts will be off-limits because of Fiesta, I suppose.

Roy, unfortunately, I can’t ride on Saturday, but you are welcome to borrow any one of the 10 bikes hanging in the garage (well, one of them is a tandem ?!?). Come by Saturday morning, and we will get you set up, if you like.

Nick and Noelle

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Great to hear from you, Roy.  I'm in! Fingers crossed that it's not brutally hot.  Earlier in the day always helps.


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    I'll join up for eating at least, as I am still settling into a
    new house, and not sure where all my bike parts are... nor have I
    been on one in five months.

    Too bad you're not here Wednesday night, as this is right up your
    alley, or I should say "galaxy": https://lco.global/aot/


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    I'll be in Santa Barbara this weekend - is anyone up for a bike
    ride on
    Saturday (late morning onwards)?

    I'm sort of inviting myself here because I would also need to
    borrow a bike!

    As an additional incentive I'll pay for dinner (to celebrate becoming
    very very old).



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