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October 5, 2005

Dear friends and family in the Lord:

We have just had a great weekend, with unexpected opportunities to introduce
strangers to Jesus and to encourage groups God has put in our lives for a
season.  His message to me is to make the most of my time.  Tomorrow is not
promised.  Build His kingdom.  

Our weekend in West Virginia went well, and we were able to get together with
Stephanie, our summer intern, in ministry on the road.  She is a blessing.  
This weekend was the Breathitt County Heritage Festival and we were able to do
two different programs there on consecutive nights, with no restrictions on
what we could say or do.  On Friday, we presented a clear gospel message aimed
at the children and five prayed to receive Christ.  Please pray with us that
they get plugged into a Sunday School and get discipleship.  I encouraged
their adults to take them, but don?t know if they will.  God is faithful. 
Pray that they see Him.  The next night, we aimed more at everyone, and the
message was very clear.  I am glad I am not in charge of the harvest, because
I never seem to know exactly what we should do, but God always does.  Pray we
remain faithful to his leading.  

?       We are sending out letters to groups that our friends have given us, so 
you would like us to contact anyone you think could use us, please let us
know.  (That is how we ended up at the Festival.)  They can be anywhere in the
country (or not) and it can be any group; full family, teens, adults, as well
as seniors and kids.  

?       We are looking to sell our 16 channel Yamaha Pro Mix board and our JBL 
powered speakers.  If you know of anyone who could use them and is interested
in them, please let me know.  We need to get smaller, so that Vic and I can
handle everything without the boys.  

?       We need to fit in a smaller vehicle, so we can be better stewards with 
gas money.   We also need a gas efficient vehicle.  (Or better yet, diesel
efficient!)  Pray with us for God?s timing for His provision.  

?       The boys are spending more time at the school as we are on the road 
Pray that they will find ways to study in a not-so-quiet environment when they
need to, relax when they need to, and that they will be a blessing to those
around them.   

All that makes us sound kind of needy, but we are really among the most
blessed.  We know it and are grateful, but God says when we have a need, ask.
 Thanks for asking with us.  You are one of our greatest blessings. 

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May He bless you, as well,   

Vic and Linda Schiro 

P.S.  Why does someone believe you when you say there are four billion stars,
but check when you say the paint is wet?    

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