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Several options, for example:

session 1 - execute some dml without commit

session 2 - alter tablespace X read only;

The tablespace cannot go read only until all current transactions commit - so session 2 picks the oldest
current transaction and waits on it using a TX mode 4.

The wait in 10g will show as "TX - contention"


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any comments?

On Nov 27, 2007 12:19 AM, Eagle Fan <eagle.f@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


In 10g, oracle has four TX wait events:

1. enq:TX - row lock contention
2. enq:TX - index contention
3. enq:TX - ITL
4. enq:TX - contention

I know the first three ones' meanings.

But what does the last one "enq:TX - contention" mean? I know it means
other TX enqueue types. But what's the *other* TX enqueues?

Could anybody give me some examples? We have insert sql causes this TX

I searched metalink and oracle-l, but most doc/threads are discussing the
first three ones.

Thanks a lot.


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