Re: ** way to delete entry on replication

  • From: A Joshi <ajoshi977@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: stuart.lindenmayer@xxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 4 Sep 2006 08:36:30 -0700 (PDT)

     Thanks for your help. My question here is if there is a way to delete just 
one call in the def tran. I cannot delete the whole def tran since there are 
many other calls.  I have asked oracle support and they have said this cannot 
be done. Still I want to know if there a round about way to do it. Thanks

Stuart Lindenmayer <stuart.lindenmayer@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
You should be able to see the error in the deferror view, so to remove it 
connect as the replication administrator and use:
execute dbms_defer_sys.delete_error('<deferred_tran_id>','<destination>');
Where <deferred_tran_id> and <destination> are as listed in deferror.

Once executed you may need to quiesce and resume the site using:
execute dbms_repcat.suspend_master_activity('<rep_group>'); 
execute dbms_repcat.resume_master_activity('<rep_group>');

To prevent future occurrences investigate conflict resolution as per the 
documentation and Metalink advice.

*note* the above syntax and commands are from memory and totally untested, but 
I did just do it earlier today! 



  On 8/31/06, A Joshi <ajoshi977@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:      Hi,
     Is there a way I can delete a defcall entry on advanced replication. I 
have one update entry in a transaction that is not going thru with data not 
found error. I see that data is there and matching.  cannot however delete the 
error itself since it has other entries which are needed. I would like to just 
ignore this entry and move ahead. I Is there a way to do that? Or any other way 
around this which is blocking progress. Thanks for your help. 

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