Re: was (RE: SGADEF file?) is How to best detect database health

  • From: "Alessandro Vercelli" <alever@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2006 20:00:03 +0200

What I like in this mailing list is that simple questions very rarely require 
simple chief (and others', I believe) should be deeply aware of 


> Far safer than connecting as a non-privileged user is attempting to 
> connect as a non-existent user.  If the database instance is up and 
> running and working normally, you'll just get the ORA-01017 error 
> ("username or password incorrect"), which is normal and expected.  This 
> tests IP connectivity, TNS Listener availability, instance 
> availability/function/response, all without jeopardizing security.  Or 
> at least minimal jeopardy.
> So, for a username/password string, I typically just whip through the 
> entire QWERTY keyboard a couple times:
>     connect asdfljwiuzliweihnzwaer/zxcvbsghqwerouawefr@xxxxxxxxxx

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