RE: polyserve and oracle 10g

  • From: Scott <oraracdba@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: cmarquez@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, oracle-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2005 19:17:05 -0700 (PDT)

Chris, You can't use Linux and Unix together when it
comes to unbreakable. 

Unbreakable implies Oracle will support you from the
Oracle right on down to the OS, whereas  Solaris, AIX,
HP/UX and OpenVMS OS support is still done by the
vendor who produces the OS. Linux is open source and
Oracle is trying to provide a 1 stop shop so you will
get support from Oracle right on down to the OS.
However getting unbreakable support requires you to
follow a strict set of rules, which is hard to come by
from most vendors except Dell. Dell drops a stock
Kernel with Oracle pre-installed ( if you want) and
you have to survive the consequences from there. If
you have to modify the kernel in any way shape or form
then you could be invalidating the unbreakable support
from Oracle. This basically means you will get Oracle
support but if the problem is determined to be OS or
storage related and you did any modifications to the
linux kernel then you will have to go to the vendor
for help. This includes polyserve, Veritas and Sistina
or the vendor whos rpm may have modified the kernel.

The bottom line is you will get Oracle support you
until it is determined that problem is OS or storage
related outside the unbreakable rules.

Hope this helps,


--- "Marquez, Chris" <cmarquez@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> I learned a lot about Oracle "Unbreakable Linux"
> from Kevin's comments, however I'm not sure I'm any
> more clear if Oracle generically supports Oracle (on
> Linux,) on Polyserve?
> When I say "generic" I don't mean the "Unbreakable
> Linux" part, when Oracle Corp will *fix* Linux if
> Oracle wont run on, I mean, I can open a TAR
> that is NOT and Linux issue but 100% an Oracle issue
> and Oracle Support will help me if my Database is
> running on (on Linux,) on Polyserve?
> Often Oracle is not very clear and it depends on the
> platform.  In the Intel space Oracle seems very
> specific about the *entire* hardware/software stack,
> while on big UNIX (AIX, HP, SUN) they say; "Oracle
> supports Oracle version abc on UNIX OS version xyz,
> and if your UNIX OS version xyz supports a piece of
> hardware for software then you covered and will not
> be turned away by Oracle Support.
> Is this matter of 3rd party certification with
> Oracle?  I *assume* this exists and has Polyserve
> made any effort to partner with or had their
> products certified by Oracle?
> For example, if I my database lives on NetApp-NFS,
> Oracle Support will support my TAR.
> However, if I tell Oracle Support that my database
> lives on an Intel NFS box I built myself...they will
> likely send me packing and that they don't support
> Oracle database over NFS.
> Which side of the "support line" does Polyserve
> fail?
> Will Oracle Support me if I run the database on
> *any* filesystem that will run on Linux?
> Maybe this is the answer;
> >>
> >> Oracle will continue to support Oracle products
> on the certified Linux distributions.
> Chris Marquez
> Oracle DBA
> C-(703)507-1421
> cmarquez@xxxxxxxxxx 

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