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  • From: Norman Dunbar <oracle@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2017 16:08:07 +0100

Hi Jeff,

On 13/09/17 16:00, Jeff Chirco wrote:

We put all our database code in files and use a source control. We’ve always stored our package header and body in a single file. We use PL/SQL Developer and it handles that packages in a single file and opens the header and body in nice separate tabs.

I use separate files for headers and bodies for the simple reason that I can run the body script if nothing changed in the package, and that way, I won't invalidate anything that calls my packages.

If I always run the package script, or, if everything was in a single file, then the package would always be changed, so invalidations would occur. Not necessarily a major problem, unless they were in use at the time.

I've not used PL/SQL Developer so I can't say whether or not it always runs both, even if shown on separate editor tabs. I use Toad and always save my source for packages as separate files.



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