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  • Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2020 23:42:46 -0500

My first choice would be DB2. It can execute PL/SQL natively, you can create a partitioned table without having to sell your first born, you get in-memory option for free with an enterprise version, which is still much cheaper than Oracle EE. Basically, DB2 can do everything that Oracle does just as well. Of course DB2 is not Oracle, it works differently and, for instance, hinting a query involves inserting rows into the plan table. DB2 is a complex database and you will need a competent DBA to run, just like you need one for Oracle. And since there are fewer of  them, the price is higher. One thing that is better in DB2 than is in Oracle is backup. Oracle has no equivalent to Advanced Copy Services, which can catalog storage snapshot as backups. RMAN cannot do that. RMAN is showin its age and is in need of renovation. Backing up a 50 TB Oracle database using RMAN is a major pain and requires significant investments into additional hardware, something like Infiniband or 100 GB Ethernet.

On the other hand, DB2 doesn't have Jeff Smith, which is a major advantage for Oracle.

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Unfortunately, due to the way licensing works in virtual environments, many are moving away from Oracle to PostgreSQL, it’s variants or nosql.

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