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I posted similar question couple days ago. But l'd like to post it one more time on behave of our peoplesoft admin.

thanks a lot,

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Subject:        PeopleSoft Financials 9.0 Upgrade Questions
Date:   Wed, 09 Jan 2008 09:57:39 -0500
From:   David Nisco <david.nisco@xxxxxxxxx>
Organization:   Tufts University
To:     HEUG <fin.ps@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
CC:     Fintech <Fintech@xxxxxxxxx>, DBAs <dba_team@xxxxxxxxx>, adminsys
AIX <adminsys@xxxxxxxxx>

At Tufts University, we are preparing to upgrade our PeopleSoft
Financials application from version 8.4 SP1 to version 9.0.  We are
considering swapping from Weblogic to Oracle Application Server to allow
us to be better positioned to take advantage of the Fusion technology as
it becomes meaningful to our business needs.  We would appreciate
hearing from anyone who has any insights that you may want to share with
us regarding the decision of using OAS versus Weblogic for the new

Our current environment configuration is as follows:

    * AIX 5.3
    * Financials 8.4 SP1
    * PeopleTools 8.47.15,
    * Weblogic 8.1
    * Oracle Database 10g

Our planned future configuration following the upgrade will be as follows:

    * AIX 5.3
    * Financials 9.0
    * PeopleTools 8.49
    * Oracle Database 10g
    * Weblogic 9.2 or OAS Release 3 (

Thanks in advance for your feedback concerning this matter.


David Nisco
PeopleSoft Administrator
Tufts University

fn:David Nisco
org:Tufts University;University Information Technology
adr;dom:TAB Bldg, 3rd Floor;;169 Holland St ;Somerville;MA;02144
title:PeopleSoft Administrator

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